Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cindy McMath: Technique Tag Book Swap

Yes, I have moved and my scanner and computer are set up, hooray! Just the other day I received a wonderful package from Cindy McMath, who lives in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. It was such a lovely experience to receive her package in my new mailbox. We have replaced the old, small box and installed a new especially large one, with receiving swap packages in mind! I look forward to yours.

You may have seen a glimpse of Cindy's tags and envelopes for our swap on her own blog already. She wrote a wonderful post about her techniques here: Pink Bird Studio - I encourage you to go check it out! Here are a couple of the envelopes and tags Cindy made. All 10 are done using the same technique, with variations in the images.

The envelopes with tags sticking out
The back and front of the tags - wonderful! 
 Also enclosed was a striking postcard for me, wishing us congratulations and happiness in our new home. This is the first piece of art I have hung up in my new studio, which is still totally unpacked! Now that the rest of the house is functioning, I plan to move on to my studio and all the decisions I will need to make. Not to worry, all of the swap packages received already have their own special spot in my studio claimed.

I love this card, Cindy. The imagery is perfect! thank you. 


sharon said...

Cindy's work is gorgeous! What a fanatstic present you got Lenna....because we all know you are special!

Cindy McMath said...

Thank you Lenna for the lovely write-up! Glad you received my tags in plenty of time.

Cindy :)


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