Sunday, September 19, 2010

Siri Opdal: Technique Tag Swap!

phew! The movers are coming tomorrow. We have been quite busy packing up here and moving a lot of things over to the new place ourselves. I will be glad to have everything over there in one place tomorrow. In the meantime though, I have received 2 packages for our technique swap. All of the packages I have received are already safely tucked into one of the cupboards in the studio at my new home, never fear. Packing & moving certainly is tedious. When I needed a break from that work, I sat down and scanned the new swaps that came in. All the way from Norway, Siri Hauge Opdal has sent us some lovely techniques that include fabric. I adore her tags!

Thank you so much for participating, Siri. I love when you say to me in a note you feel you have to do something with fabric for our exchanges. I always look forward to seeing your swap work, and what you have dreamed up. So Lovely! Thank you.

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