Thursday, September 16, 2010

moving september 20th

The family room transforms into my art studio!
We are moving things over and setting up house! The official moving day is Monday, September 20th. Our furniture will be moved then and we will be over there full-time, unpacking and settling in. What this means for everyone in the Technique Tag swap is: There will probably be a delay with my receiving your swap packages and also with me getting them uploaded here on the blog. In fact, I have asked the postmaster to forward any mail I receive now at my PO Box to my new address - as of today - to make things simpler during the move. We are at the new home everyday and will receive your packages . . . although it will take a few days longer because forwarding mail always does. But do not worry! I will let you know by updating the list on the blog sidebar as soon as I am able to. You can also send directly to my new addy. Thanks for your understanding. Back to packing, almost done!

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