Saturday, January 15, 2011

Donna Parker: Vintage note card swap!

I received a wonderful package yesterday for our vintage note card swap from Donna Parker, what a treat. For one thing, Donna is my first participant from Mexico! She got her cards to me early because she was not sure how long it would take and she really wanted to make the February 26th deadline and participate. She created 3 note card sets, made a beautiful envelope for me and also included a fabulous bag of collage goodies for me to play with. This is totally not necessary but is appreciated! Thank you, Donna. Click on each card below for a larger picture and more details

Donna was initially concerned when she joined the swap. She wrote me, 
"As you know, I live in Mexico, which is a developing country.  I can't go shopping and purchase anything I would be able to purchase in the North.  Consequently, there are no blank cards and envelopes, pretty papers --- you name it --- it's not here." Donna showed me a scan of one of the cards she was working on and wanted me to be frank about what I thought -would it fit the bill for the swap?? I told her most definitely, yes! I think having to work with what she had only fueled Donna's creativity. I really love her cards! You can see more of her cards on Art Helps me Breathe but please visit Donna's other blog, Flying Solo Traveling Light for more of her art.

While she did decide to Fed-Ex the cards to me, she enclosed them in this beautiful envelope she made, which you can now see featured above in the blog header.


As you can see in the blog header, I am still displaying all the wonderful envelopes I received hosting the mail art swap. I just can't put them away, they are too inspiring to look at. The bin next to them is holding the vintage note cards as they come in. Now go do something creative!! 

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Joanna said...

Donna's made a wonderful job of these superb note cards! I love the vintage colour tones, fab images and the envelopes are gorgeous too.

Well done, Donna from Mexico!



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