Friday, January 28, 2011

Sarah Boblit: Vintage Note Card swap!

This is Sarah's 9th creative swap! That is a lot of creative swap work, congratulations, Sarah : ^ ). Sarah sends us 3 fabulous note cards from Iowa for the swap, plus an extra one. Sarah told me she tried something different for each note card and obviously had a lot of fun making them. Her note cards are very dimensional and layered. I enjoy seeing that. I guess I like variety and we have a lot of variety in this swap so far, yay!

Beautiful layered card

The dimension on this card is wonderful.
I've even been to Belize! 

Traditionally vintage with the photo, fabric, buttons & trims.
It looks great! Click for more detail.

I love this one with the man reading the paper! It is so great. 
Thanks as always Sarah, for your creative swap pieces sent in for our swaps. To see all of Sarah's creative swap pieces click here. The link goes to this post at the very top and then all of the other swap art that Sarah has done will follow underneath. You can get the link for your own swap art by clicking on your name at the bottom of your post after "labels" OR by looking in the sidebar for VIEW THE CREATIVE SWAP ART :: BY PARTICIPANT. You'll find your name there grouped by the number of posts you have had here. Just click on your name and copy the address in the browser window!! ; )


Linda said...

Wow...these are wonderful! I love all the texture and richness...just beautiful!

Joanna said...

Goodness, wonderful layering! These fab notecards have superb textures that add such interest.


Rena said...

There's just something about your card "At the Opera" that just fascinates me. I just love it. Beautiful job!


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