Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Joanna Urbani: vintage note card swap!

Joanna's note cards took a little while to get here from the UK, I think because of the huge amount of snow they had? Her package spent 11 or 12 days traveling instead of the usual 5-7. But what a delight when the cards arrived yesterday! I must share the mail art envelope Joanna sent them in, as I love it so much. Click for detail.

Thanks so much, Joanna!
And here are the lovely cards and envelopes that were wrapped up inside . . . .

The back of the envelopes and cards, below

I love the thumbprint seal on the back of the envelopes.
Joanna labeled her cards very nicely too. 

Beautiful Note Cards!

Joanna explains how she made her note cards and tells us some of the materials she used on her blog, Fiddlesnips! Go give her a visit : ^ )


Linda said...

These are just wonderful...I love Joanna's style!

ColourFly said...

They are so great.
Mine are nearly finished. Hope they will go on journey tomorrow!


Joanna said...

Thank you Linda for your kind comment.

I'm so glad they made it to you, Lenna, in one piece!

Looking forward to seeing everyone else's now,


Nancy said...

These are beautiful.. I love the images. What fun this is!


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