Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nancy Roberts: vintage note card swap!

Yesterday I also received a fantastic package from Nancy Roberts in Florida. This is her first creative swap, so we welcome you! I think you will love her cards. Nancy said she had a lot of fun making them . . . so much so that she created 2 sets, or 6 cards/envelopes in total. If you remember, I said this was perfectly okay as long as you either enclosed $2 for the extra postage or sent it via paypal, which Nancy did. She also enclosed for me a little bag of beads and tiny double-leaf gold charms, my favorite. Again, thanks so much Nancy!

so beautiful . . .

lovely lace & stitching! 

All the envelopes were embellished beautifully like this one 

I adore all the stitching on paper Nancy did -
before she added it to the front of the card!

I can't get enough of seeing the different ways
you are all presenting this woman.

Excellent job! I am sure your cards will be very well received! 
You can read more about them here on Nancy's blog: Quilting Potpourri.

There are 10 spots open in the vintage note card swap 
( if you are still thinking about joining! )
Due in my hands February 26th, 2011.


Joanna said...

These are SO BEAUTIFUL! I love all that gorgeous stitching.

Well done, Nancy.

Linda said...

Beautiful! I love the stitching too and the background papers are so pretty!


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