Friday, January 21, 2011

Frieda Oxenham: Vintage Note Card swap!

I received Frieda's note cards the other day and they are so delicious. The note cards and envelopes even smell good because she coffee dyed them! It did take Frieda's package about 3 weeks to travel from the Scottish Borders to Florida . . . so please make sure you plan accordingly, especially if you are mailing overseas. You have 5 weeks to get your note cards delivered to me! You'll see 4 sets below, as Frieda made an extra for me. Thank you so much, it will be difficult to choose . . .

beautiful envelope and card

back of card  : )

gorgeous fabric, lace and beading

a famous beauty in her day

Read more about these cards including the images Frieda used, the coffee dying of the papers . . . here:

: ^)))))) thank you, Frieda!!


ColourFly said...

How beautiful!!! Mine are on the way since yesterday. That should be enough time!


ColourFly said...

I just posted my Cards here:
If you want you can have a look!
It was a lot of fun, as always! Love your Swap ideas!!!!


Joanna said...

Frieda's notecards are SO BEAUTIFUL! Love all the layers and textures. I love the envelopes too. Super artwork.


Cat said...

Wow, Frieda's art is extra-ordinary, as usual!!!

I've been loving all the art that's been posted, the cards are so diverse & creative...a big WELL DONE to all!!!!!


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