Saturday, January 15, 2011

Margriet van Schaik: vintage note card swap!

Wow, we have some beautiful note cards making their way to my mailbox already! These are from Margriet van Schaik and have traveled all the way from the Netherlands. Thanks soooooo much for joining us, Margriet! If you have a blog or a website please let me know and I will share it here.

A beautiful mix of paper and lace
I really like Margriet's handmade stamp
that she put on the back of each card
She decorated the envelopes and lined both
the envelope and the card
just gorgeous! the music page is such a great background.
I love all the buttons & lace

Thank you so much for the sweet goody pack,
not required, but very appreciated!

What a wonderful start to our Vintage note card swap. Between Susan, Marnie, Jo Ann, Donna, Nancy & Margriet we have a great variety of awesome cards already here and posted on the blog! Frieda & Joanna have sent theirs from the UK, but with the unusual amount of snow they are having, their parcels are still en route. Make sure to leave plenty of time for your cards to arrive BY February 26th!


Joanna said...

Margriet's cards are SO PRETTY! I adore the images, stitching, ribbons and lace. And she lined the envelopes too! Beautiful.


arts4all said...

Such pretty cards - I love the coy smiles and the colors.....

Linda said...

How pretty these are...those vintage trims are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I really love your work. The colors and materials are just perfect.


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