Monday, August 29, 2011

Josie Greene - August ATCs: I Am

From Josie in Maryland we have a fun set of three - I am ATCs!

They are all the same idea with variations in color 
-a great way to work in multiples! 

And what Josie wrote for her "I am" statement just has me smiling.
Thank you, Josie! Love your stitching on paper ; ^ )

This swap closes on Saturday -all ATCs must be 
in my hands on September 3rd to be part of the swap.
I can't wait to exchange them!

Madalene Murphy: postcard mail art swap!

I have received 3 lovely fabric postcards from Madalene in Pennsylvania. She has written about how she made them on her blog called: working wall -check it out! This is Madalene's first creative swap and I welcome her. Great job! ; ^ )
Because her postcards are made only of of fabric, she chose to place them in a see-through crystal clear envelope. Madalene generously put postage stamps on the outside of the clear plastic envelope - perfect!

Click for details . . . 
Thanks again, Madalene! 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sandra Granthon - August ATCs: I AM

This is Sandra's first creative swap and it is wonderful to have her join us! She is from Pennsylvania and sent 3 ATCs for the swap and one especially for me. Sandra wrote in detail about creating her ATCs on her blog: Alchemy - Art Memories. Check it out! Through Sandra's blog, I found out about a summer promotion (free class) at Big Picture. The class is over now, but Sandra has some great answers to the prompts on her blog and there is a lot of interesting stuff on the Big Picture site -other free classes too.

Sandra sent this beautiful card with her ATCs . . .
I really like it.

and an "I am" ATC just for me! 
I am on a journey . . . That is so true!

Thanks so much Sandra. 
I am waiting on just a few more packages, due to me September 3rd.
I will leave registration open a few more days for any last minute participants!
: ^ ) lenna

Friday, August 26, 2011

Siri Hauge Opdal - August ATCs: I Am

From Norway, I have received Siri's 6th creative swap, whoo hoo! 
You can view all Siri's swap art via this link. She always includes fabric in her pieces which I really love. These "I am" ATCs sent from Norway are no exception!

These are the backs . . . I adore Siri's statement: 
  I am creating. 
She says, " they turned out all blue, as much of the stuff i make do,
because it is my favorite color."

Siri's says her ATCs are made of "scraps of silk, wool and beads, and the backs
are pieces of a fabric i painted at a class some time ago."
Beautiful, I'd say! Click on the photos for details.

I think Siri made these ATC pockets because the sides are stitched in blue thread . . . 

Thank you so much Siri for all your delightful contributions! 
: ^ ) lenna

Janet Fystrom - August ATCs: I Am

Yesterday I received 4 wonderful ATCs from Janet Fystrom in Minnesota. She made 3 for the swap and an extra one for me, thank you Janet! All of the August ATCs are due in my hands one week from tomorrow, September 3rd. I am looking forward to seeing the remainder of the ATCs in this swap, sharing them here with you, and swapping them out! Here are Janet's "I am" ATCs:

Thanks again, Janet. I love the clear cover you placed on some of your 
ATCs, with teeny tiny brads! it looks great. I also like your combination -
some personal photos and some not! 
: ^ ) lenna

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Laura Hummel - August ATCs: I Am

From Laura in Maryland, four awesome ATCs on the August theme of "I am". Three are for the swap, with an extra one for me -thank you! I adore Laura's style so I am quite pleased there is an extra ; ^ ) Here are the fronts, followed by the backs which include her I am statement - so very clever!

Thank you Laura! 

This swap will be wrapping up soon. All "I am" August ATCs need to be delivered to me by September 3rd . . . can you believe that is a week from Saturday??!! wow. I will close registration for this swap at the end of the week. You can register for any swap on the Registration Page

I believe this is my 6th post today as I received a lot of swap mail yesterday and today -whoo hoo! Just go to the creative swaps blog and work backwards from the top if you have missed any!! ; ^ ) lenna

Leigh Sanders -postcard mail art swap!!

From Leigh Sanders who lives in Spain, we have 3 gorgeous watercolor postcards for the swap and an extra card for me. Thank you so much, Leigh! Take a look:

the bottom card had a note on it for me - I love it!! 

back of the flowers postcard

I am in love with Leigh's style! It is so great to have a participant from Spain too. 
Go to Leigh's blog,Ruby Barr to read more about her postcards and so much more! 

Amanda Evans -postcard mail art swap!

From Amanda in California . . . this is her first creative swap and her first postcard swap ever! Glad to have you Amanda. Thank you for the mail art, ATC and your postcards -wow!

3rd postcard  + ATC for me

love the mail art!! 

thank you, Amanda! 

Read more about Amanda's postcards on her blog, Scrap Panda. ; ^  )

Jewels Oman -postcard mail art swap!

From my friend Jewels (Julie) of Michigan & Canada . . . a summer's day is . ..  a summer camp song!

Lovely mail art, which I so enjoyed!! 

and really wonderful postcards!
Jewels painted those watermelon herself -wow!

just yummy!! 

You can read more about Jewels' postcards here -she has a great blog. Since I spent many a summer at Camp, I can really relate to Jewel's summer day theme. Enjoy!

Laura Hummel -postcard mail art swap!

From Laura Hummel in Maryland, we have 3 postcards for the swap and an extra one for me. Thank you, Laura!!

Just beautiful, don't you agree?? Laura's images are from ARTchix Studio and Alpha Stamps and I love the turquoise German scrap border she's used. Lovely! 
Laura, you've done good and gotten them to me in plenty of time, thanks so much! 

Lynda Roddy Ozzauto -postcard mail art swap!

From Lynda in Illinois, we have received three lovely digitally created postcards on the theme of a summer's day! One place Lynda thinks of when she remembers a summer's day is Northwoods, Wisconsin.

She also thinks of Ocean Park, California and Myrtle Beach! 
What do YOU think of?

You can see more of Lynda's wonderful artwork on her blog: paper, pencil, paste.

All summer postcards are due in my hands September 17th -
just 3 weeks from Saturday! If you'd like to join us, there is still space.
Go to the registration page of the blog to register!! This swap includes a 17 page pdf lesson and information on mail art. ; ^ ) 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

haiku atcs: lenna andrews

For the new swap that I just announced I made 3 haiku ATCs basically as illustration for the lesson that accompanies the swap. But now I can also participate in the swap myself, which I love! Here's what I came up with for my ATCs. Remember, they need to have a haiku included on the front or the back. More info is included in the pdf file lesson you'll receive when registering, so there's no problem if you are not too familiar with haiku. I will provide all the info you need.

My first ATC for this swap is based on a photo I took paired with a haiku written by an 11 year old girl. In researching for this swap I found a number of websites about haiku which I pass along to you through my lesson. I also give step-by-step instruction on how I created my ATCs.

Below on the left, is the back of the ATC shown above. I used a traditional ATC back because my haiku was placed on the front of this ATC. Below on the right, is the back of the ATC coming up below showing our sweet dog Asia. This time I placed the haiku that I wrote on the back of the ATC as it did not fit well on the front. Click to view better and if you see a plus sign, click again!

Here are both the photo ATC with the haiku on the front and the image transfer ATC of sweet Asia who hates thunder! In the pdf file lesson that comes with your swap registration, I go over how to do an image transfer from photos. It is really cool stuff! 

For my 3rd ATC, I chose a haiku written by someone else that I found online. I used that haiku, printed on a piece of paper with the swap info added and attached it to the back of a fabric ATC with a card stock base.

Here is the front -

 My first set of haiku ATCs -
Now I think I will do a second set!

I would love to have you join me for this -
I promise you will find all the info you need in my 10 page pdf that is part of the registration! Click on this link and go here to register for any creative swap.

; ^ ) lenna


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