Friday, March 23, 2012

Barbara Roberts: bead swap!

Barbara Roberts sent in some really great beads for our swap.
She wrote me an email saying, "Here is how I made them. They were all fabrics wrapped around a coffee stir stick with fabric tac glue on the ends. I decorated them in different ways-
Some I rolled into embossing ink and embossed with “Enchanted Gold” which retained the color of the pretty fabrics, but put a sparkle to them. Some I wrapped wire and seed beads around them, some I wrapped fiber and wire around them and some I wrapped fiber around them."

Thank you, Barbara! here are some close-ups.

Click on the photo for a closer look.

One more day to receive!! Then the swapping of beads will begin : )


Joanna said...

SO pretty, they are such gorgeous colours. They make me smile :o)

Cathy said...

Beautiful beads, Barbara!!!


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