Friday, March 23, 2012

Sharon Borsavage: bead swap!!

Oh! I was so excited when my friend Sharon Borsavage signed up for the bead swap! She is a maker of beautiful jewelry, which can be seen here -ooh la la! I must admit I have bought several pieces of Sharon's jewelry as it really speaks to me. That being said, I could not wait to see what she might do for the paper and fabric bead swap. I was not disappointed! click for details.
a single bead . . . 
two beads . . . 
and a whole bunch! 
Sharon's blog is here: -a must see!
Sharon enclosed a "surprise" she said, a beautiful gift of earrings and a note.
This is what you can do with these beads!
(I am wearing them right now)
They are beautiful, so beautiful!! Thank you ever-so-much, Sharon. xoxo

I have 2 packages that arrived today in my kitchen . . . one is from Rena Matus and the other is from Carrie Tome. I am sure to open them and photograph them tomorrow! There are just a few outstanding swaps and I hope I will see them in my mailbox tomorrow -the last day to receive. I will definitely let you know! 


Joanna said...

WON-DER-FUL beads, and BE-A-UTI-FUL earrings!!


Cathy said...

Sharon's beads are gorgeous! Love the pop of color from the embellishments! The earrings are so cool :)


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