Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cat Dodt-Ellis: Bead Swap

Our 3rd entry for the bead swap is from my friend Cat Dodt-Ellis in Idaho. I must say as these beads come in I am more and more impressed with them! Beautiful, creative, imaginative . . . and so far, all beautifully packaged for this swap. Individually labelled as requested! Thank you all! With 21 of us participating, I am sure you will love your swap returns. A reminder: Due in my hands March 24. Now on to Cat's beads and packaging . . . Cat sent me this picture in advance . . . before she packaged them up!

Below, how she lovingly packaged them.

A close-up 

out of the package -


I was spoiled by Cat . . .  with mail art . . .

. . . and a necklace she made for me:

Under the glass is the image Cat used on a skinny page for me

Since she knew I loved this image
she sent the charm/necklace along with her beads.

Thank you ever so much.
Your beads are fantastic, so glad you are in this swap!
There are more detailed photos of Cat's bead on her flickr account.


Cathy said...

So happy that you liked it all, Lenna :)

It's always a pleasure to participate in your swaps, you are an amazing hostess & teacher & the returns are always lovely!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Thanks so much, Cat!

Joanna said...

Oh wow! More GORGEOUS beads, they are all beautiful. Your necklace is amazing too, Lenna. You have such talented and generous ladies taking part in your swap.


Nancy said...

These are so interesting. Love seeing all the different styles of beads. Sent mine the other day. I labeled each, but did I miss a piece of instructions on bagging. Uh oh... hope the pkg. is okay. Looking forward to all the ideas for how to use these unique beads!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Dear nancy,
No worries!! It was not a requirement to put the beads in individual bags . . . I really just needed them individually labeled, which you have done beautifully!! (received them today) I love how you have labeled yours and look forward to sharing them : )

Cathy said...

Thank you Lenna, Joanna, & Nancy for your nice comments, they made me smile :)


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