Friday, March 23, 2012

Linda Garcia: bead swap!!

From Linda in New Mexico - how lovely to have you in one of my art swaps again! Here are all of Linda's beads . . . . click on the photo for more details.
She kindly wrote me instructions on how she made her beads. Here they are:
Some of my beads  were made using an idea from Beryl Taylor in Somerset to make fabric paper over muslin using colored tissues paper and other lightweight papers such as dictionary and scrapbook paper. I place a plastic wrap over my work space, tape muslin over  plastic so it will have an easy release, apply a layer of white diluted glue, about 50/50, I have used good ol’school glue but my favorite is matte medium.
·         first layer using a foam brush for streak free outcome use diluted glue or lightly diluted matte medium in one direction over entire muslin
·         place torn pages & colored tissue in collage format or any pleasing manner & apply another layer of glue or matte medium, going in another direction, let dry thoroughly.
·         last layer of diluted glue or matte medium going in opposite direction as above.
·         cut into desired shapes to make a bead & dip into UTEE.
I also used fabric scraps which were already fused & dipped into UTEE—easy peasy!
The light wire with beads is loosely attached so that the receiver could use those extra little beads on something else. A girl can never have too many beads—they always tend to call to me.
Thanks again for all your work on these swaps----a good way to use up stuff!

Linda Garcia
Tierra Encantada [The Land of Enchantment]
New Mexico

 And some close-ups . . .

Linda also so generously made a gift for me - extra beads and a domino charm, thank you so much for everything, Linda!!


Joanna said...

I love the little beads on Linda's gorgeous beads. Her domino charm is lovely too :o)

Cathy said...

Love the seed beads & wire on these beauties. Large holes are cool, so easy to thread fibers thru them :)


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