Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lenna Young Andrews: bead swap : ^ )

yup. I also participated in this swap! I know most of you have probably already seen some of my rolled beads that I originally made for the call for this swap, but a few days ago I made some more. For one thing, I'm fascinated about playing with Tyvek paper. It can be manipulated with a heat gun for interesting effects. Some of my favorite beads are made from Tyvek & fibers by Carolyn Saxby (keep scrolling, her beads are near the end of the post). The other day I received an envelope made out of Tyvek which reminded me I wanted to experiment some more. I also wanted to make sure I had enough beads (15-20) to participate in this swap, plus enough beads to giveaway 10 of my handmade beads in a drawing. This drawing is for anyone who included some instructions with their beads and I will be drawing for this tomorrow! Of course I wanted a bunch of extras for myself, so off I went! Here is my process/results:
Tyvek envelope cut in strips and painted
This was the underneath paper I painted the Tyvek on -scrap paper.
I could not let it go to waste and stamped on top too.
Scrap paper all rolled up! Click for a detailed view.
Tyvek before heating . . .
After heating with a Heat Gun.
Before . . .

Before . . . 
After . . .
new beads mixed with the ones I previously made
This swap is CLOSED! All of the entries that have made it here are IN the swap. I will do the drawing for the extra beads tomorrow and will have all beads swapped and sent to the participants by 3/31/12. At that time I will write a post explaining how you can share a link to WHAT you might create with the beads you recieve plus any extras you may have made. Fun, fun FuN!
Thanks for your participation : ^ D   ~ lenna


Sheila A. said...

Wow. I can't believe something so pretty and interesting starts out so....well.....ugly. Thanks for showing this! I'm interested in these little guys. Maybe I'll try it someday.

Cathy said...

Love the extra beads that you made, Lenna, I can see you are having fun!


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