Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Circle Book Swap - a link

I know it's still some time until the circle book pages for that swap is due (Sept. 7th) but I was looking at Frieda Oxenham's Blog tonight and WOW! She has some circle pages done! The ones she shows are extra ones for her own Circle Book - but they are very inspiring & I cannot help but send you there with this link to: Circle pages on her Blog. Thank you, Frieda! I know she is also working on the ones she will send in for the swap - I can't wait to see those as well. She writes on her blog, "Ended up with green, turquoise, orange and one yellow page so far. Want to do more in red so that I can mail 20 pages to Lenna in due course." Oh happy days! I was thinking of using fabric on my circle pages as well (at least some of them) so Frieda's pages are giving me ideas . . . . . something Frieda seems to do for me a lot! : ^)

Also just to let you know, I have received 2 more sets of Garden ATCs today - one from Fiona Brockie in Scotland, UK - and one from Catherine van der Hoeff in the Netherlands. They have arrived safely! I will be posting scans of the ATCs in the next day or two, thank you for your patience.

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