Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Garden ATC Swap - Joanie Hoffman, MD

WOW! The LAST arrival for our summer Garden ATC swap came in from Joanie Hoffman in North Beach, Maryland. Joanie's ATCs are really different. When I picked the package up, they made a noise like there were seeds inside the ATCs! I later discovered they were small, clear, hole-less beads that she somehow got in-between the base and the outside clear layer. Very ingenious!! : ) You can see them a bit when you click on the scan for more detail.

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Cathy said...

I will comment on all here. I can't believe how many you swapped out. 266! Wish I had been there to watch....lol The little beads were a great idea. It looks like she made them similar to the altered recipe cards we did on Fabric in Altered Art. We added "floaters" between the pieces of vinyl. This looks like a wonderful swap, Lenna. A really great bunch of ATCs. Hope I can get in on the next one! Cathy J


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