Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Garden ATCs - Lenna Andrews, CT!

Below, Lenna's garden ATCs, created with the ARTchix Studio Floral Beauties cards in the middle of them. The floral beauties cards were designed by members of the ARTchix Studio yahoo group - some of you who designed them are in this swap!! Click on any photo below for more detail. I created these ATCs so you can still read the back of the floral beauty card . . . I will have to take a photo later to show you. My scanner is out of commission at the moment ever since since my hard drive died -- but because of my smart hubby who does this sort of thing for a living, everything on my computer was saved and is recovered. I have a new hard drive too! Steven thinks we will have to change the operating system (he tried a server version) & then the scanner should hook up again!

I created these for this swap (and a couple extra) while we were away in Canada. There were a couple of stormy, rainy days that made it a good day to sit at the table, gaze at the river & do artwork. We had a wonderful vacation, and used the good sunny days for lots of boating & sailing on the river. Because we were away, and then I lost my hard drive, it feels like forever since I have posted anything here on the swaps blog. I have some catching up to do too. I have also received ATCs from Melissa Woolsey, Victoria Talcott Wormell, Cat Dodt-Ellis, Susan Metcalfe and Maggie Hannigan -- as well as a package of 20 beautiful Circle Book pages from Frieda Oxenham in Scotland!! Tomorrow I will get out my camera & share them with you.

While I was on Wolfe Island, one of the Thousand islands (the largest one) I had a special treat of meeting one of our swap participants in person and receiving her Garden ATCs - HAND DELIVERED to me! Maggie Hannigan was across the river in Kingston, Ontario for a surface design course at one of the colleges and made arrangements to meet with me the last night of our vacation. She took the ferry over, we had a lovely visit and Steven took some photos of us and Maggies ATCs. I will take some close up shots tomorrow & share them with you soon!


friedaquilter said...

Just wish I could have handed my circle pages over to you in person too, Lenna. That would be so much FUN!! So pleased to know they are now safely with you. Glad to see you have a great holiday, but sorry about your computer. And yes, I regularly back up my computer to a separate hard drive as I would simply be totally lost without all that info. Just wish I had a comp. wizard like you but mine speciallizes in building pergolas!

Lenna Andrews said...

Well, a pergola wizard sounds great to me, and just right for your lovely gardens : )) I am simply so grateful that Steven has been backing my computer info up so well that it's only been a little bit of a nuisance to get everything back on a new hard drive, phew! I must go visit your blog Frieda and see what I have missed in the last week or two. Your circles pages that arrived are SO lovely!!!!

Maggie said...

I was a true joy & pleasure to meet Lenna & Steve. They have a wonderful spot on Wolfe Island. Lenna is as sweet in person as she is online!


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