Thursday, January 17, 2008

Creative Bag Swap: Susanne Wiebe

From Susanne Wiebe in Victoria, British Columbia -- a wonderful handmade creative bag with pockets and a matching eyeglass case! There is another picture below, to show off the pockets Susanne added . . . there is one on the outside of the bag and one on the inside. Susanne did a wonderful job - this bag is totally lined! [click on any photo for a better view]

Very cool! I will also brag and thank Susanne publicly for the wonderful and needed eyeglass case she included just for me!! (see photo below with one of my kitties)

I think Farfel likes it : ) and wants it for his own!

Don't worry, I was WEARING my glasses when I took this photo!! Thanks again, Susanne. Love your fabric art!

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