Friday, January 18, 2008

Valentine Ornament Swap: Mercedes Jimenez

All the way from Madrid, Spain! I have received three wonderful Valentine Ornaments for our swap, by Mercedes Jimenez. WOW! Your Valentines are delightful, Mercedes! Thanks so much for playing and sending from far away.

Mercedes choose to do all fabric pieces with some paper mixed in, I love it! -but each one is different from the other. See the photos below - click on them for a more detailed picture.

Below are all three of Mercedes' onaments hanging together on the closet door in my office. One one of my kittens - Farfel, now 7 months old is watching/standing guard! He seems very interested in all the swap activity around here lately . . . . his brother must be fast asleep or he'd be here supervising too : )


Mercedes said...

I must to say I enjoyed a lot thinking about them and it was difficult to let go out, lol.
The red one has a very nice italian paper I bought in our last summer holidays to Italy.
The scrap are made of luxury fabric like silk that my mon gave me from her work with night dress.

Sharon said...

I received your lovely blue Valentine through the swap.
Thank you!
Sharon S


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