Tuesday, January 29, 2008

White Quilties! ~ Norma Bullen

From Norma Bullen, 1/2 way across the world in Australia . . . WOW! Norma has sent 5 beautiful Shades of White quilties - 4 for the swap, and 1 more for me; thank you so much Norma. I know this is not an easy thing to do - to make an extra quiltie! I appreciate it very much. Now I have to decide which one - oh dear!

Norma wrote and said she was a little worried there might be too much colour in these; but she hoped that the pale shades she used would be fine. They are and I love them. This is a "shades of white" theme. You can do whites in varying shades, or you can do white with other pale shades,colors that have been "whited out" . . . whatever looks like "shades of white" to you. Have fun with it and let the challange of the theme stretch you.

Norma writes, "I bought a bundle of Handkercheifs from an opportunity (OP) shop for $3.00 Australian. That is OP = Thrift shop, I think that is what you call them? (yes!) I attached them to hide the backs (of the quilties) but they can be removed and used again if anyone wants to do so."

Very cool!

Here is a photo of ALL of Norma's quilties - click on it to see them better. Just beautiful -Thank you, Norma!!

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Dawn Sellers said...

These are just beautiful Norma!
I have been collecting a bagful of "white" fabrics, trims, etc. I have one other swap project to finish and then I'll be on to my White Quilties - I can't wait to get started. These are very inspiring!


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