Sunday, January 6, 2008

Valentine Ornament swap - Lenna Andrews

I have created another set of valentine ornaments for our swap. These 3 are completely different from the first three I made, which were much larger and made of fabric! This time I used the 1" brass pendants from Alpha Stamps along with the Tallulah's Kisses Transparency sheet. The transparencies were attached with tacky glue, which does work, but takes a while to dry. Because it takes so long, the next time I do this I might try another type of adhesive. Any suggestions for adhering transparencies to metal are most welcome!! just leave a comment!

I also used a selection of ribbons from Alpha Stamps, either from one of their pendant/sachet kits or from the ribbon page. You can click on any image for greater detail. I am looking forward to receiving your ornaments! Remember ALL valentine ornament swaps need to be delivered to me by FEBRUARY 2nd, 2008 in order to be included in the swap - thanks!

1 comment:

katelnorth said...

Those look great, Lenna - looking forward to seeing more ornaments as they come in.


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