Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A HapPy & CreaTivE NeW YEaR!

In welcoming in 2008 I wanted to update you on our current swaps:
As of January 1st, The Valentine Ornament swap is a Full & closed Swap, due by February 2nd. You may write and asked to be added to the waiting list, in case someone has to drop out, though. Participants are:
Carol Murphy, Peggy Gato, Marla Rosenlieb, Linda Schultz, Vicky Martindale, Sara Davis, Val Duncan, Pam Chasen, Bella Ayers, Casie Metcalf, Gunvor Andersson Stork, Ginny Ballou, Linda Garcia, Victoria Talcott Wormell, Gayle Gross, Melissa Woolsey, Doris Stahl, Sara Blagg, Cynthia Weed, Eva Nyberg, Cynthia May, Kate North, Sharon Schutt, Mercedes Jimenez, Kara Klein, Kitty Mitchell, Louise Lucero, Donna Eck, Nicole Ingegneri, Lori Guerin, Michelle Witchell and Carol Stocker.
(the links on some names are to swap art by that participant published on 'creative swaps'. No link means that this is the participant's first swap with me and this blog)
Important note: If you find because of any circumstance you cannot fulfill the commitment you made earlier to complete this swap, all I ask is that you notify me as soon as possible. As long as you communicate with me there will be no hard feelings and no problems on my end. I will welcome you to participate in another one of my swaps, at any time!

As of January 1st, The Creative Bag Swap is FULL with 30 participants. The Creative Bag swap is due in my hands February 23rd. Participants are:
Susanne Wiebe, Dawn Sellers, Peggy Gato, Fiona Brockie, Vicky Martindale, Judy Bernard, Sara Davis, Heather Alwaisi, Ginny Ballou, Linda Garcia, Laura Butler, Victoria Talcott Wormell, Michelle Wolf, Vicki Page, Cynthia Zdanzukas, Melissa Woolsey, Cynthia Weed, Rena Matus, Cynthia May, Melinda Fulkerson, Shuwanna Stout, Cathy Johnson, Anne St. Louis, Andrea Millington, Mercedes Jimenez, Kitty Mitchell, Donna Eck, Carolyn Getter, Anna Luna, and Catherine van der Hoeff.

As of February 15th The Tallulah's card/postcard swap sponsored by Alpha Stamps is OPEN and has 6 open spots for participants. The Tallulah's card swap is due in my hands March 22nd. The participants are:
Frieda Oxenham, Janice Perkin, Peggy Gatto, Linda Schultz, Vicky Martindale, Patricia Schweitzer, Linda Garcia, Carol Stocker, Gayle Gross, Joanie Hoffman, Cynthia Weed, Cynthia May, Cathy Johnson, Caroline Outz Hay, Shannon Sawyer, Vickie Trancho, Terrie Lightfoot, Michelle Witchell, Martha Franklin, Leslie Hanson, Cynthia Zdanzukas, Teri Calia, Katherine DeCarlo, Lolly Busey and Nicole Ingegneri.

As of Feb. 15, The Shades of White Quiltie Swap has a few spots because of cancellations. This quiltie swap is due in my hands April 26th, 2008. Participants are:
Beverley Tiechrob, Janice Perkin, Dawn Sellers, Fiona Brockie, Vicky Martindale, Myfawny Hart, Val Duncan, Patricia Schweitzer, Amanda Blunden Smith, Linda Garcia, Victoria Talcott Wormell, Norma Bullen, Vicki Page, Fanny Fairbanks, Rena Matus, Lori Brofsky, Joanie Hoffman, Melissa Woolsey, Mary Zimany, Susanne Wiebe, Cynthia Weed, Cynthia May, Kate North, Cathy Johnson, Sharon Schutt, Donna Eck, Wil Opio Oguta, Kara Klein, Sharon McGreevey, Martha Franklin , Catherine van der Hoeff and Joellyn Quinn.

*If you find because of any circumstance you cannot fulfill the commitment you made earlier to complete a swap, all you have to do is notify me as soon as possible. Any mistakes or changes, please let me know as soon as possible - thank you. I am looking forward to the creativity I will be experiencing first hand through your art in the months to come!! : ) Lenna


Rick said...

Happy New Year. I'm having a give-away over at my blog to celebrate my one year anniversary. No gimicks - just fun. Please come over and just post a comment for a chance to win.


Mercedes said...

Hi Lenna, I have seen you didn´t linked my blog. Here it is

thanks so much . MIne will be out next Monday

Lenna Andrews said...

Hi mercedes!
These days I only have links to participants art swap work that they have sent in to me - and then I have uploaded it, and given it a label . . that is why you did not see a link with your name -- as this is your first swap with me! Now that the number of participants have grown, this is the best way for me to do it.
thanks! (others have wondered as well) yours, Lenna


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