Thursday, January 17, 2008

Valentine Ornament Swap: Eva Nyberg

From Eva Nyberg in Sweden we have received some lovely mixed media pieces for our valentine swap. Eva did post these on her blog: Eva Scrap - which I follow regularily, but of course it is much more of an experience to see these beauties in person! One reason you join swaps, I bet . . . . nothing like holding a piece of hand made art in your hand, right?? : ^)

I love Eva's use of color and what I call her hand-dyed "cheesecloth" . . . but I think she has another name for it - I can't remember?? When Eva took my Mini Art Quilt class through last Fall, I think she also used this material to make some gorgeous quilties ~ go see!

Eva made 3 ornaments for our swap and then she made an extra "St. Valentines" piece for lucky me! (see below - purple & pink). It says: "I claim there ain't another Saint as great as Valentine"

~Thank you so much, Eva!

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