Saturday, January 24, 2009

Alice in Wonderland ATC swap: Donna Butcher, California

Donna Butcher's ATCs were in my mailbox today - yay! Yes, it is really fun to receive all the swap art. : ) Donna had sent me an email when she mailed her ATCs to me, that said:

"I had a lot of fun with this one as I had never done any ATC's before. My Alice in Wonderland ATC's used the Alpha Stamps Tenniel's Alice and I Wonder collage sheets and the Alice Tea Party Clear Stamps.

I used the clear stamps in many ways from just stamping all or parts of them on the ATC's, to stamping them and using them on transparencies and shrink plastic. I tried lots of different things, from inks, watercolor pencils, oil sticks, embossing powders, and various other media. It was a lot of fun and experimenting as it was my first time doing ATC's. I learned a lot working on this size of project. Thanks for the challenge!

Hope your Dad is doing ok and that the test results were good news. Take care and thanks for all you do!

Thank you Donna. You have done awesome! It is hard to believe these are your first ATCs. I love the rabbit and all the watch parts. Thanks for asking about my dad, too.

I am sorry if I forgot to mention it, but my dad was in the hospital for about a week for an infected gall bladder and heart problems related to this - because of the pain he was experiencing and the stress it put on his heart. My mom got him to the hospital just in time, it was very scary for the whole family. My dad is home again now, and when he saw his oncologist this week the test results confirmed that his liver cancer is in remission. This is just really amazing. So, there is still the gall bladder to contend with and it may have to come out (he was not a candidate for surgery at the time) but we are all very thankful and will take the future one day at a time. I appreciate so much all your thoughts, prayers & wishes for my family. I wrote a little more about this on my own blog . . . near the end of the 'studio time' post.

So, I will be with my mom & dad for the next few days - I am leaving early tomorrow and I don't think I can convince Steven to open the mail, scan & upload the swaps . . . . so please be patient until next weekend when I will be back and you will see many more ATCs for our Alpha Stamps Swap! All swaps are done in my hands a week from Tuesday - February 3, 2009.

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