Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Swap - Fabric Technique: 12x12

Happy 2009! A new Fabric Technique Swap – explore & recycle! Due April 22, 2009 :: This swap is FULL with 40 participants, March 2009

  • General Notes: Registration for any Creative Swap includes a non-refundable payment for postage, handling and information/tutorials pertaining to the swap. Register for the swap via the appropriate PayPal ‘Pay Now’ button found on the blog sidebar. Your choice of PayPal buttons will depend upon which swap you are interested in and where you live; if I will be mailing your swaps to you within the USA, or outside of the USA. After you sign up by remitting payment, PayPal notifies me and you have registered for the swap! I will confirm your registration via email with the FULL swap details including the mailing info. Make sure that your email listed with PayPal is the correct one for me to use to correspond with you – and notify me if not – or I won’t be able to contact you! If you have sent payment via paypal and have not received confirmation within 48 hours (or if you have any questions) please Email me directly.

  • The Fabric Technique swap is a little different because registering for the swap entitles you to an 11-page informational pdf packet of fabric techniques and instructions – sent to you via email. Registration for this swap is $12.00 for returns within the USA and $15.00 for returns mailed internationally. This fee includes postage, handling, paypal fees, and a large pdf document, full of fabric techniques, ideas, inspiration and instructions, with links to many more pages of information, as well as seeing all the swap art here on the blog! The pdf document includes fabric techniques I have developed myself, lots of links to sites I have researched, step-by-step instructions plus photos, all designed to be inspiration for this swap. I would consider this packet a ‘mini fabric technique lesson' powerful enough to stand on it’s own.
  • Some of the subjects covered in the pdf are: Fabric Stamping, dyeing, distressing, embossing, recycling, embellishing fabric, fabric etching, fabric paper, paintstiks, ink jet printing on fabric, how to make quilties, and more! The packet itself is well worth the registration fee and if you have participated in my swaps before you know how great the swap artwork you receive in exchange is!

Fabric Technique: 12x12 - Due April 22, 2009
Theme: Exploring Techniques and Recycling

:: This swap is FULL with 40 participants, March 2009 ::

Create one 12” x 12” mini quilt using any one of the following ideas, or multiple ideas! You will find more information in the pdf file I will be sending you. Add your own fabric techniques to your mini quilt and tell us about them. In exchange, you will receive one different 12” x 12” mini quilt made by one of our creative swap participants from around the world. Additionally, there will be a first prize for the most creative mini quilt – the prize is to be announced soon!

  • Explore color and texture
  • Explore what you have on hand and use it!
  • Explore a new technique or two –check out the packet I sent
  • Explore a larger fabric work (12x12 instead of 6x6)
  • Explore using mixed media and found objects with fabric
  • Explore rubber stamping on fabric
  • Explore paintstiks and fabric
  • Explore distressing fabric (I have some ideas for you!)
  • Explore dyeing fabric for your mini quilt
  • Explore embellishing with stitches or beading
  • Explore making fabric paper –use up those scraps!
  • Explore recycling old sweaters or un-finished projects
  • Explore using old curtains or tablecloths as a base
  • Explore embossing on fabric
  • Explore nature Printing

    -- Please add any other ideas you have in the same vein to this list, and use one or more of them when creating your 12” x 12” mini quilt. You do not have to use recycled materials ONLY. Simply consider recycling for this project and try to use something you have on hand. If you wish to be included in the swap, your fabric piece must be in my hands by: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 – which is Earth Day : )) I hope you are inspired to join me!


Gunnels blog said...

Hi Lenna! This swap seems very fun! I like to join !!!

annicka said...


I think this swap will be very useful...
It is the first time I take part of a swap hosted by you. It will be nice!

Kimberly Miller said...

I have just tagged you with a blog award. You can pick it up at my blog site:
http://kimberleekreations.blogspot.com/ I hope you enjoy the butterfly!

Creatively, Kimberly


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