Wednesday, February 11, 2009

'Alice' ATC swap ~ completed & sent!

The Alpha Stamps Alice in Wonderland ATC swap is complete! This afternoon when I got out of work, I mailed 21 packages to all of the participants. The 22nd package did not need to be sent. Why? Because it was my own package! I participated in this swap myself, made 9 ATCs, and really enjoyed it, much more that I would have guessed -because I'm not a die hard Alice in Wonderland fan. The images are great! I also received some 'extra' ATCs from a number of the participants and other hostess gifts too -thank you all very much. I was able to keep my favorite ATC (top left) and Steven's favorite too (b&w next to it). You can see what I ended up with below, my trades, the 2 of my own I kept, and the extras I did not need to trade - wow!

Participants please note: you may or may not have had your ATC traded 1 for 1 with another participant . . . most of the time that is what I do when swapping, but as I finish up the trading I often have to switch things around to make sure it all works out and everyone receives trades from different artists instead of 2 from the same artist. In this swap, remember you will receive one of your own ATCs back with 8 different new ones. Everyone should also be receiving a gift collage sheet from Alpha Stamps, so make sure this collage sheet is in your package! I think I did it all correctly, but just in case. And, if you have the time, please let the other artists know how much you appreciate their art. Thanks! Great swap! You are all to be commended!


CarolMurphy said...

Dear Lenna- Again I want to thank you for hosting such a wonderful swap. The ATCs turned out so beautifully and I can't wait to get mine. Hats off to all of the participants in this wonderful exchange-
Carol Murphy

Vickie said...

What a mighty project Lenna! Your treasures are wonderful, a preview of what we will all receive soon. I agree, the art and variety was amazing. Thanks again for getting us all together. Looking forward to more swaps soon. xoxo Vickie


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