Friday, February 27, 2009

Swap Prizes . . .

When I announced my 12" x 12" mini quilt Fabric Technique swap, I wanted to offer a prize for the "most creative" but did not have time to think about what I would offer. This swap is not due until April 22nd as I like to give a long lead time, especially for those overseas . . . but I wanted you to know I have decided a good prize would be to offer the winner FREE registration for their next creative swap!
I have just a few spaces left in that swap, so if you have been hemming and hawing but not signed up yet, it would be good to do so soon! (This swap is FULL) You can read the details on the Fabric Technique 12x12 swap here in the original post.

I am finishing up my visit with my parents in Florida, borrowing my mom's laptop as usual, but also able to spend lots of time with them. My dad had an out-patient procedure on Wednesday related to his selective internal radiation therapy for his liver cancer and sailed though it with flying colors. When we picked him up and asked how it was, he replied "a piece of cake". Wow. He amazes me. Dad is looking a lot better now that he is off chemo, in remission, and his gall bladder is not bothering him. That still needs to be addressed down the road, but for now he is working on battling the cancer. We had some good visits and we even went out to dinner, giving my mom a needed break. Steven & I will return for another visit at the end of March.

I want to thank you for all your thoughts, prayers & good wishes ~much appreciated!

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