Sunday, February 1, 2009

Alice in Wonderland ATC swap: Sharon Walworth, Rhode Island

Sharon Walworth, from Rhode Island, has sent in some amazing ATCs for our Alice in Wonderland swap, at least as far as I am concerned! These ATCs look like they are made of fabric, but they are not, really. Sharon and I had talked a bit about making fabric-paper following my friend Frieda's wonderful instructions and so I wondered how Sharon made them when I received them, because they did not feel like fabric . . .

How cool is this one, above with the ribbon ties? I love it! Or the one below, beautiful!

I asked Sharon if she could tell me briefly how she made her backgrounds and if she made it and then copied it onto . . . ??? I could not figure it out. I should add too that Lorraine Webber (next post) and Sharon are friends, and got together to create their backgrounds . . . . Sharon wrote to me, "Lorraine and I decided that we did not want to get into fabric/glue for the "master board" because it would be messy for her to carry away. So we worked with paper etc. Started with a piece of cardboard which we covered completely with a purplish merchandise bag. Then added layers, including silk leaves, silk flowers, scraps of paper, bits of lace: I found the first run a bit bland, so added some large floral postage stamps and more silk flowers, which I find wonderful for these projects. (For a while, I was gathering the dead blossoms from the floor at Joann's, but decided I'd end up in jail, teaching collage to tattooed ladies in a minimum security facility, so now I just buy them when they are really cheap. With the little plastic veins carefully pulled off they can be sewn or pasted or both). (a note from lenna ~ this is too funny Sharon, you really had me laughing!) I copied the finished project on my hp printer on card stock (I'll send some info on that) and was delighted with the result. I plan to try a valentine's master board, and am assembling a little basket of "stuff" for your tutorial." (Tutorial = I think Sharon means my online collage workshop that will be ready soon!)

I love what Sharon did! All the ribbons/fibers, petals, stitching, trims and the way she made the background makes it look like fabric! Fantastic ATCs, Sharon.

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