Sunday, February 1, 2009

Alice in Wonderland ATC swap: Lorraine Webber, Rhode Island

Lorraine Webber in Rhode Island has sent us ATCs using collage images from the Mad Hatter's Tea Party 1 & 2, Sweet Alice, Tenniel's Alice Sheet and the Red Queen collage sheet! These images are all found at Lorraine emailed me about a week ago saying, "I'll be sending my ATC's off this weekend and had great fun with the challenge of my first ATC's. I look forward to making creating more of them, since they're most challenging and rewarding. My best to you and yours, Lorraine Webber"

Wow, your first ATCs? Very nice, Lorraine! I especially like the backgrounds you created for your ATCs when you got together with Sharon. Here are ALL of Lorraine's ATCs -click on the scan for more detail.

A few close-up -I love that frog! Great job, Lorraine.

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