Monday, February 9, 2009

WINNERS for most creative ATCs . . .

Well, as you can imagine, it was a most difficult task for me to decide on "the most creative" ATCs for our Alpha Stamps sponsored, Alice in Wonderland Artist Trading Card swap. Fortunately, Leslie Elledge, the owner and woman extraordinaire behind Alpha Stamps, sent me 2 Wonderland Tarot Decks! This has made it easier for me to choose. I am awarding TWO first prizes for the 'most creative' and each winner will receive a Wonderland Tarot deck, thanks to Leslie. Here's a peek at what the decks look like:

(drum roll . . ) First prize #1 goes to Sharon Walworth from Rhode Island! See her work below.

Sharon created her own background for her ATCs out of pretty recycled shopping bags and silk flower petals, then copied it all onto card stock for a smooth look as her ATC base. I love the way Sharon stitched on paper to make it look like fabric. Her composition is very appealing, the layering she did is wonderful, and she made very creative use of embellishments, like ribbons, trims, fibers, beads & buttons and even a round paper clip. Fantastic! Congratulations, Sharon! Your Wonderland Deck will be included with your swapped cards : ))

First Prize #2 goes to Shannon Sawyer from Arizona!! See her work below.

Shannon's work always amazes me! It is hard to know where to begin to point out all the creativeness in Sharon's ATCs . . . The way Shannon puts together images is really amazing. On the top right, she combines Alice from the I wonder sheet with a tea cup from the Teaspoons clear stamp set by having Alice link her arm through the handle of the cup! Top left, Sharon puts Alice standing on a brass tea cup. The Alice image is cut out and placed on the ATC with foam tape for even more dimension. Below that, bottom left, is my favorite of Shannon's ATCs. She has used rubber stamps from the Teaspoons clear stamp set and placed both a rabbit and Alice balancing on one of the teaspoons! The legs sticking out of the pitcher is Shannon's creativity showing up again; you will find it is a plain pitcher on the Teaspoons clear rubber stamp set! Congratulations, Shannon! Your Wonderland Deck will be included with your swapped cards : ))

. . . And I have a runner-up prize that I would like to announce too, and it goes to Kate North in New Malden, UK!

I thought the way Kate combined her fabrics, fibers and mesh to create her ATCs, then embellished with beads, buttons and charms was top-notch! I had to give her a mention. Kate will receive an assortment of fabrics & images from my stash with her swapped ATCs, to supply her for her next project : ))

Thank you ALL! Now it is my turn to get busy on swapping the ATCs as my office looks like this:

We had 22 participants complete the swap, all of whom will receive a gift collage sheet from Alpha Stamps. To everyone who is IN the swap, I will email you when the packages are sent -sometime this week. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the winners you're work is beautiful and inspiring!! Lenna, thanks so much for hosting this and all of your hard work sorting!!Can't wait to see the one's I get back.

katelnorth said...

Oh wow, thanks Lenna, how lovely! And to think I nearly didn't sign up for this swap in the first place as it meant having to order from the US (gotta love all that Alpha Stamps stuff, though...)

Really looking forward to seeing the cards I get back - all the ones I've seen for this swap have been really exceptional.

Thanks once again for all the work you do in hosting these swaps.

donnajean said...

Congratulations to the winners! And a big thank you to everyone who participated and continued to inpsire me! Each of you gave me great ideas and thoughts of new techniques to try!

Lenna, we can't thank you enough for hosting these swaps and all the energy to give to it! Thanks a million!

I can't wait to get my cards - I have been thinking the whole time of what I am going to do with them - since I love Alice. It will be something special that I will share with everyone later!

Shannon Sawyer said...

Thank you so much for choosing me as the first place runner up winner. It's very unexpected. Especially since I didn't think I did very well on those particular ATCs. It's always funny to me that when I don't like how my own work turns out, someone else who I really respect, likes it. I think Sharon absolutely deserved the Grand Prize. I loved her ATCs and I'm a big fan of a finished edge like she did. Beautiful work Sharon! And thank you so very much to Lenna and Leslie for picking me as a First Place runner up, extremely flattering.


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