Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Alice in Wonderland ATC swap: wow!

Well, another whirlwind time scanning and uploading swap art today . . . it is always a RUSH of activity at the end. Today is the deadline for all the Alpha Stamps Alice in Wonderland ATCs to be in my hands, but since 2 people have contacted me earlier and let me know their packages were mailed Saturday -- I am going to wait another day for them to arrive. I think that is fair.

There will be prizes for everyone, a yummy gift collage sheet from Alpha Stamps -- and someone will win a special first prize for the most creative ATCs: an Alice in Wonderland Tarot Card Deck donated by Alpha Stamps owner Leslie Elledge. Thank you, Leslie!

I will wrap things up after the last packages arrive.

I have changed the blog template here to a more normal, centered design to see if it makes it easier for me to get the swap pieces uploaded... I've kept my creative lenna blog using the "stretch" design, so we'll see! Thanks.


Shannon Sawyer said...

My vote for the best ATCs in the Alice in Wonderland swap is SHARON WALWORTH. She obviously put a lot of work into them, they are beautiful and I love the finished look to them because of the stitches. For what it's worth taht's my vote.

Lenna Andrews said...

Your thoughts are worth a lot, Shannon! Thanks for letting me know via a comment. I am laying ALL the ATCs out today and taking a good look at them all : ))lenna


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