Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shades of Spring/ Brown + Blue Quilties ::: Anne St. Louis

We have our first arrivals for the Shades of Spring/Brown + Blue Quilties!! Anne St Louis from Calgary, Canada sent in 2 sets of four Quilties for our swap due July 19th.

Anne wrote to me, "I know these aren't due until July, but the first day of spring was such an inspiration, I just couldn't stop making these. I tried to create each page slightly different from each other."

You have done a great job, Anne, and it is really fun to see this color-combo in person!

Anne also made a special hostess gift for me - thank you, Anne! In keeping with the spring & nature theme of this swap, Anne decorated a mini tin for me. It's beautiful! I willl share it with you here, remember you can click on any photo for greater detail.

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