Wednesday, April 30, 2008

White Quilties have gone postal!

If you were in this swap, watch your mailboxes for your shades of white quilties swap package. They all left town today! Fortunately, this was an easy swap to do. I figured everything out on paper first, and amazingly it all worked out to the letter without any switching around at the end. Phew! Whomever you receive a quiltie from has also received your quiltie! If you have any trouble with identification of a quiltie for questions or for thanks, just e-mail me & let me know as I have a list of who you received from.

Thanks for a great swap and challenging swap to boot, and for hostess gifts and extra white quilties . . . wow, you have given me a project to do now! Pictured here are all of the extra quilties I received - 15 of them, oh me oh my! Thank you SO much! They will become a wall hanging or a book! beautiful! I so appreciate this.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh good, I see you kept my favourite! Thanks for setting it all up, you are a star!


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