Sunday, April 27, 2008

White Quilties! Rena Matus

Rena Matus does not live too far from me, so with prior arrangement she was able to DROP OFF her quilties on Saturday! Steven & I were working in the yard so we even got to say hi -that was fun! Rena has taken class from me in the past, and her sister Dottie - also a student and swap participant, lives very nearby me. I am hoping they will both drop by for my Tag sale (with lots of art items) on May 9th & 10th!

Rena's shades of white quilties are so lovely -with beading around a stamped saying, "A Snowflake is Winter's Butterfly" and a beautiful butterfly she made herself out of Fantasy Film . I recently found out that Rena made the butterflies-wow! She put a package of fantasy film in her package for me to try too, thank you! I love the way Rena labeled her quilties and I am not sure how she did it . . . printed on a ribbon? Rubber stamped? (Yes! Rena told me she stamped onto the ribbon). It looks fantastic. Here, take a look -click on the photo for more detail:

I also love the way the butterfly wings catch the light. Thanks, Rena!

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