Saturday, April 5, 2008

White Quilties! Kate North

I have received 5 lovely, lovely white quilties from Kate North, across the pond in Surrey, UK. Thanks so much for making an extra one for me, Kate . . . your quilties are so textural and quite unusual! What a treat I get to keep one for myself!

Kate does a lot of traditional quilting -I know because she has been an on-line student of mine, but I consider these particular quilties very "arty" with all the texture and the feathers. I love them! Kate has even incorporated paper into her quilties. Look for the more off-white sections. . . click on any photo for more detail.

Kate blogged about making her white quilties on her own blog. Go here to Kate's blog if you'd like to read her post and check out her other fiber art.

Kate labeled her white quilties by writing on a piece of paper & sewing the paper to the back of her quilties - see below:

And here are ALL of the quilties with the photo taken at an angle so you can see all the texture. : ) definitely click on this one for the larger photo!

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