Saturday, April 26, 2008

White Quilties! Fanny Fairbanks

From Fanny Fairbanks in Natick, Mass - WOW! We have 4 gorgeous stitched, eyeleted and buttoned Shades of White Quilties. These beautiful Quilties just came in yesterday, (TODAY is the due date) and when I emailed Fanny to let her know they were here, she emailed me back saying, "Talk about last minute, huh? I was seriously intimidated by the level of work of other swappers which petrified me to the point of procrastination! Looking forward to seeing which I get back!" ~I am quoting Fanny only to make a point . . . . because I do sometimes hear, often after the fact, that participants at times feel intimidated when they see me post the other participants swaps on line. You know I certainly don't post the work to intimidate you! I post it to share it, to inspire you, and to showcase your art. When people finally "dive in" and start working on their swap pieces after they have been procrastinating because they wonder if they are out of their league . . .well, I find they make the most beautiful and creative art! Case in point is right here. Fanny's Quilties are exceptional! Look at some more views - close up views by clicking on the photo.

Fanny also has her own website and even wrote a post about making these Quilties. Go to Fairbanks Fancy Goods to see additional photos & to read more!
Fanny sent me a most beautiful assortment of trims in her package, too. ThanK you! They will be put to good use. I also loved the way Fanny did the back of her quilties . . I took a photo but it did not come out : (
Fanny punched a hole in a little 1 x 2.5" moo card (sm calling card) with vintage photos & she sewed it/tied it to the back of each quiltie . . . great idea.


Gayle said...

Fanny, I love your quilties, you must feel so good now... it is a little scary doing these swaps...and I love Lenna's comments to you. Keep up that creative energy! Gayle

Anonymous said...

Very cool love the use of the different shades of buttons.


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