Sunday, April 27, 2008

White Quilties! Linda Garcia

From Linda Garcia in New Mexico, we have our last set of White Quilties-wow! Altogether, we have 25 participants that came through and completed this swap. Two of the participants created TWO sets of 4 . What an amazing and fun challenge this was working with white as a color! Since so many of you enjoy creating quilties, I have 2 more quiltie swaps planned this year and that's not including the 'shades of spring' due July 19th. I will make a 'new swaps' announcement soon - in May!

Now, back to Linda's Quilties! Here you can see all of them, as Linda very kindly made an extra one for me. She used an interesting photo of white things printed onto fabric, and she also used tulle, white flower sequins and eyelet lace. On the back she also added an image, plus a velvet leave and a stick pin with a pearl head - see below!

These quilties are really nice, Linda! Thanks again for participating.

Over the next few days I will be swapping these out, packaging them up and mailing them out. I will let you know when the swap is complete!

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