Saturday, April 19, 2008

White Quilties! Myfanwy Hart

All the way from Hampshire, UK, we have received 4 lovely shades of white Quilties from Myfanwy (pronounced MerVANwe). I did not figure out until today that Myfanwy has her own family business and website to boot! Both are called Sassa Lynne and she supplies textile artists with threads, yarn twists, viscose, scarf packs, silk pods and more! Myfanwy has also studied for a City and Guilds qualification in Embroidery. She included yarn twists in her quiltie packs for the recipients and for me. In lieu of postage she asked me if she could include a bunch of yarn twists and threads instead, which she did, to my delight!

What fun. Myfanwy Quilties are a bit diffent, which I like, and for her signature she hand wrote on the back of each Quiltie. Thank you!

1 comment:

Joanie Hoffman said...

Colors! I'm so glad to see colors!
I have some colors in my Shades of White too! They're almost ready to mail!
Happy Monday,


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