Thursday, June 12, 2008

Grimm fairytale 5x5 Collage swap: Sally Davies

"I Feel Pretty!" I just love what Sally Davies has done with the Big Bad Wolf from the Red Riding Hood #2 sheet -it's so clever! This really makes me giggle : )

Sally is from Medford, OR and this is her first swap with me through creative swaps. She has done a great job, don't you agree? Check out the rest of her 5x5 collages below. This is a 4/4 swap and Sally was able to make an extra one . . . some of these will be for me, kind of as 'payment' for my work for the swap, and most of the extras I will send to Leslie Elledge, owner of Alpha Stamps. Leslie is the one who put these awesome collage sheets we're using together for us to use in a variety of ways, and Alpha Stamps is the sponsor of the Grimm Brothers fairy tale collage swap. Each participant in this swap will receive a special Alpha Stamps gift collage sheet created especially for this swap and one lucky, talented artist will be awarded a special first prize from Alpha Stamps for creating the most creative collages!

Click on any scan for a bit more detail . . .

"want a cookie?" Too funny! : )

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