Saturday, June 28, 2008

An update from Lenna!

I have about 8 or 9 packages here to open and scan (or photograph) & most of them are from the Grimm Brothers Collage swap, which was due in my hands today. I have not opened any of these most recent packages yet, but I will soon! I think I have emailed everyone, but if you have any doubts on whether your swap pieces made it here on time please email me.

It is going to take me a couple of days to finish recording the entries and decide on a first prize winner -a very hard task! I will keep you posted. My goal is to be mailing the Alpha Stamp Grimm Brothers swaps out one week from today, on Saturday July 5th. I am going to scan all of the remaining swaps, but I will institute a change in how I manage creative swaps going forward . . .
  • I will only scan one or two pieces per participant for each swap in the future

I love showing off everyone's work and all of it too, but if I want to continue to host as many swaps as I do and share everyone's work, I am going to have to lessen my work load! I now realize it is the scanning or photographing, the cropping & resizing, and the uploading of numerous pieces that is stealing too much of my time. I need to be spending more time creating and finishing my new website that will showcase my on-line/email classes. SO! I figured the best way to do what I want and need to do, would be to do the same thing, but cut out the part that is sucking up my time. Hosting creative swaps is a volunteer position I have given myself, but it is very important to me. So, this is how I figure I can continue doing it and everything else I need to. I myself will miss seeing EVERYTHING on-line that participants create, but . . . I must make this change! Thanks in advance for understanding. yours, creatively, lenna


Carol Stocker said...

HI Lenna! I totally understand this! I imagine it's the same with each of us after we are done with our projects...scanning, cropping, resizing, mailing...HEY, if you gave us the required dimensions, format, etc you need, maybe we could email you a scan of our art projects when we mail them off and you could just upload them to the site! Would that help? I think most of us do all of that before mailing them off anyway. Just an idea but it might work?

Your swaps are THE BEST and anything we can do to help YOU out would be no problem! Hugs, Carol

Lenna Andrews said...

Thanks, Carol. : ))
What I have decided to do is to scan one or two pieces myself and then add a link if available, to the participants' pictures that they have put up on their own blog, pictureTrail, Flickr account or whatever they might use. That way I'll have many less scans & photos - plus cropping and resizing to deal with myself! Limiting what I do will cut the workload, but still give a taste of each participants art. If there are MORE pics because the participant scanned and uploaded the photos to somewhere public, if they send me that link, then I will be happy to publish it!

I think that should work out well.
Thanks to everyone who wrote me and gave suggestions!


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