Thursday, June 19, 2008

Grimm fairytale 5x5 Collage swap: Shannon Sawyer

Shannon Sawyer is from Gold Canyon, Arizona and she has sent in 4 collages plus 2 extra -- and they are all extra special. I imagine when you look at Shannon's art for the Alpha Stamps Brothers' Grimm fairy tale collage swap you will feel the same way I do . . . . amazed at the beauty her collages hold! It is obvious to me that Shannon puts a lot of time and work into her creations. I think you can tell from the scans that Shannon's collages are quite dimensional. Most of what I have included in this post are scans, but I have also taken a photograph (below) to help share just how dimensional Shannon's pieces are; click on the pictures for more detail.

All of the collage images Shannon used can be found at Alpha Stamps.

Shannon was also very generous and made me a beautiful card and a lovely little book to hold ATCs (with 2 inside). Thank you, Shannon for everything!!

***And a note: You can view ALL of the Grimm 5x5 collages over at the Alpha Stamps Gallery!

1 comment:

Carol said...

These collages are absolutely stunning, I love everything about them and look forward to seeing more of Shannon's work! Such detail!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring.


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