Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shades of Sunshine Quilties: Kara Klein

I am in love with the shades of sunshine Quilties that Kara Klein has sent in already! Not due until September 20th, Kara wrote about the swaps and said "...they were all so fun that I just started and couldn't stop..." so . . . lucky us! We get some early inspiration for this swap!

Please click on any scan for more detail of Kara's great stitching, colors and stamping. When I asked Kara how she did the words, she said: "yes, rubber stamps, nothing special just the peg ones I use all the time with a few others mixed in (the largest ones are the very first alphabet set I ever bought)."

Kara also enclosed a note with her Quilties that described the process behind her journaled quilties . . . she told me her childhood best friend's mother recently passed away and she used to spend the summer vacations on the beach with them. Kara used these quilties to remember those wonderful times. She said they were very different for her -- but they worked! I love the feeling & emotion they hold.

This is what the back of Kara's quilties look like!
Thanks so much, Kara.

1 comment:

Joanie Hoffman said...

Hi Lenna & Kara,
These are phenominal!
I could look at these for hours.
Happy days,


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