Sunday, June 8, 2008

sharing a few comments . . .

Steven & I are back home after visiting my parents in Florida for a whole week. Can you imagine -it is as HOT in CT as it was down there! But, none the less we really had a good time and were able to help out alot, since my dad had just come home after 8 weeks in rehab. While we were there visiting, the participants in the Altered by Design swap were receiving their ATCs! I was so glad I could borrow my mom's computer and read some of the emails that were sent -wow! I am going to share bits of the comments here . . . thanks for indulging me!

“Every time I do a swap I hope that my swap pieces will be welcomed as much as the ones I receive. The ones I have received are truly the cream of the crop - thank you from the bottom of my artist heart and I'll keep on 'arting' and swapping too.” Martha Franklin in Virginia

“Thank you all for your creative and beautiful artwork. I just can't stop looking at your work at marveling. A special thank you for the goodies and artwork from Carol. What a nice surprise that you shared your talent with us. As always, thanks to Lenna for organizing the swap. You're the greatest.” Dottie in CT

“I got my cards today, too! Love them, they are all so beautiful & different. Thanks to Carol for the wonderful collage sheet and bits! Lenna you have done it again! Your swaps are the best and you are so organized, I really appreciate all the work you do to bring us these fabulous swaps.”
Cheers, Teri in CA

“Each card is so beautiful & intricate, it will take may a while for me to study each in detail. There might be questions about techniques, and I hope no one will mind if I ask a little later. I appreciate all that Lenna does In organizing and posting her swaps. Her encouragement means a lot to me. I sound like one of those Academy Award winners, right? . . .”
Joanie in North Beach, MD.

“Yes, yes, my wonderful Altered by Design envelope has also arrived here in Scotland and I have to say Lenna, your swaps are always superb but you really have excelled yourself with this one. I absolutely love my returns . . . . The image sheet and goodie bag from Altered by Design is really great and I'll treasure that. And on top of all that I also received an ATC from our hostess which is gorgeous, all fabricky and ready to be stroked. Thanks everyone for making this such a GREAT swap and a very special hug for Lenna!!”
Frieda Oxenham in the UK

“Someone else mentioned Christmas, and that is just what it feels like. It really lifted my spirits tonight to see these, after a hard week's work away from home. I suppose this is what we do this for, the lovely feeling of creating something initially and then such goodies arriving for us to treasure. So, onto the next swap! Have fun!”
Margaux in the UK

“Every single participant in your swaps is talented. You feel like you’re getting back ATCs that people really took time and care to prepare." Shannon, Gold Canyon, AZ

Thank you all. Your good words mean a lot to me. This was just a sampling & edited for length!!
A couple of packages came in while I was gone -- one from Lisa Mallette (shades of spring Quilties) and one from Sally Davies (Grimm Brothers fairytale). I will get them open and uploaded soon!! lenna

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