Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shades of Spring/ Brown + Blue Quilties: Susanne Weibe

Susanne Weibe from Victoria, British Columbia sent in two gorgeous sets of quilties (8 total) and a wonderful little giftie of fabrics & velvet leaves for me, wrapped in a sheer leafy drawstring bag -Thank you, Susanne!!

Take a look at Susanne's wonderful work. The colors and stitching are top notch. I love how she did the backs of the quilties with the birds . . . .

great job! oh, I almost forgot --Susanne enclosed a note with her quilties! "I love gardening and my favorite season is spring. Victoria has been dubed the City of Eternal Spring. Due to it's moderate climate, spring comes very early. Soon into the new year we peer at the dark soil for the first shoots of daffs, tulips, crocuses and hyacynths."

Shades of spring, yes indeed!

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