Sunday, August 22, 2010

Barbara Crossley: Alpha Stamps garden variety swap!

I received this package from Barbara yesterday, and must say, I was surprised to read her note inside that said this was her first art swap.  wow!

Excellent job, Barbara! Thanks for being brave and diving in with us!! : ) 

This wraps up all of the packages I have received so far - 30 in total. There are about 8 more that have been sent or will be sent on Monday as far as i know. You can always check the sidebar for your status! The deadline is HERE in Florida, by Saturday's 10am mail on August 28th. I must be strict about this as the closing on our new home is about a week later and I am already busy with packing some of our things. It will take me some time to physically swap these out but I may try to start early with what I have, and I will keep you posted, for sure! Thanks for making this very large Alpha Stamps sponsored swap such a huge success already.  : ^ ) -- p.s. Leslie has already mailed the Alpha Stamps goodies for you and I have seen a scan!! mmmmm!

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