Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rena Matus: Alpha Stamps garden variety swap!

This is Rena Matus' 10th creative swap! I knew she had joined many of my swaps, but I did not know it was that many, wow! Rena participated in the very first ATC swap I hosted through this blog in 2007, and I am sure she participated in many others I hosted before that. Rena lives in Connecticut and used to partake in many of my in-person classes when I lived there too. It is with pleasure that I share her entries for the alpha stamps garden variety swap below!

I almost forgot. Rena so kindly wrote me a note describing the items that she used. There are so many wonderful Alpha Stamps products that this is so helpful. THANK you, Rena! Here is her list:

Collage sheet - Seed Catalog ATC's
Garden scrap sheet
Love story red flower mix
Steel blue mini floral dresden borders
Green sueded leaf ribbon  (I absolutely love this stuff and must buy more).
plus I have to tell you, I used the cardboard pieces that come with the Alpha Stamps order as my base, I've been collecting these and they do come in handy. (great idea!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi All!
I was lucky enough to be a recipient of one of Rena's beautifully crafted postcards from the Garden Variety Swap.

Thank you, Rena and thank you, Lenna!

Cynthia Zdanzukas


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