Monday, August 23, 2010

Ingrid Hasselbaum: Alpha Stamps garden variety swap!

From Massachusetts, where my son Dallas went to Hampshire College ; ) and I took knitting classes -- Ingrid has sent us 4 beautiful postcards and an ATC to trade ; ^ )

Thank you Ingrid! I love your extra special additions!


joy said...

These are especially pretty - love the colors and embellishments.

Lenna, you are working too hard - I think you son went to college; not collage - but maybe he went to college to do collage??? LOL I started giggling when I saw your little spelling mishap; but you have been into a lot of different things of late, so I can see how this could happen.

Can't wait for the postcard swap to be done and see what comes in my package! Thanks for all you do!!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

hee hee! thank you sweet JoY, I am going to fix that right (almost said - write) now! yes, I meant college! I was writing quickly, trying to get the post up before dinner was ready : )) you are most welcome. I love to do this and that is why I do, but it is a bit more work with this many participants. I am sure it will be awesome when you all receive your swaps as there has been so many great entries. xo


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