Monday, August 9, 2010

Frieda Oxenham: Technique Tag swap!

Frieda's Tags for the Technique swap arrived this weekend. That was early, and they were the first to arrive for this swap-yay! Her work is just fabulous. I love the colors she acheived and I am very impressed with her packing tape transfers! Please visit her blog for more details on how she created these beauties.

Frieda's envelopes

some of Frieda's tags!


joy said...

These are just wonderful! Love the envys she has done with the tags!

A question - if we are doing a background technique on our tags; are we to add images, etc. to make a collage or just feature the technique we are doing to better see the technique?? Thanks, Lenna!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

That is a great question, joy! On most of my tags I did just the technique I was showing and not much else. Remember though, I was doing this to illustrate techniques you could use for the swap!
If you look at Frieda's tags & envelopes, she did a technique as the background and then another technique (tape transfers) as an image on the top. As usual, I would say you should do what you like. I don't have any rules for the swap that your tags or envelopes should show ONLY the techniques. If you do your technique on the tag and then feel it needs something more - go for it!! If you like it as is, then just write up your instruction & you are good to go! : ) lenna


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