Friday, August 13, 2010

Sharon Borsavage: Alpha Stamps garden variety swap

My very talented friend Sharon Borsavage signed up for the Alpha Stamps garden variety postcard swap, much to my delight! There is something about the postcards and ATCs she created that literally pull me in closer. I think it is her great design and that she really puts feeling into what she creates. Take a look yourself and see what you think. These first two postcards are probably my favorite of all she made -click for more detail.

I love the ribbon, button, beads . . . sharon's jewelry expertise sneaking in!

from the Garden Scrap sheet

This postcard is also amazing!

One to trade . . .
and one ATC for ME!! (from the seed packet sheets)
Sharon: thank you, even though you have been so busy, for taking part in our garden variety swap. It would not be the same without your beauty and inspiration! Have a great vacation!! Check out Sharon's blog: Livewire Jewelry, where you can read more about creating these delicious pieces.


Anonymous said...

Wow, these are super gorgeous! I hope I get one (hint, hint!) LOL Anyway, mine went in the mail yesterday, so you should have them soon! I love seeing all the postcards that have been coming in; they're all really inspired.

sharon said...

Thank you Lenna for your kind words and showcasing here! You have been a major influence in my artistic growth, and I am blessed to have you as a friend.
Big hugs!


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